Never Lose Touch In Marriage

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Never Lose Touch In Marriage

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Studies have shown that physical contact is one the MOST effective ways to build or strengthen a bond with someone else.  One the best pieces of advice you can have for a marriage is to make sure you Never Lose Touch.  This means to be touching your spouse as much as possible.

This isn’t just talking about sex, but that’s obviously very important too.  Holding hands, kissing, giving hugs as frequently as possible is a great way to foster closeness and build a stronger bond.

When you go out to see a movie, squeeze your spouse’s hand, go for a walk and share an embrace, even give a high-five after a small success!  All of these small acts will strengthen your intimacy in a BIG way.

Effects will be significantly better if you hold on just a little longer, too.  Lengthen your hugs and kisses by even 10 seconds and you’ll notice it has a big impact.  It’s not just a nice thing to do, either.

Prolonged physical contact releases chemicals in the brain that stimulate pleasure centers, so it’s no coincidence that the longer a hug is, the better you will feel!

Remember that your spouse is the person you’re closest to, and that you are meant to lean on one another.  Strengthen your relationship through touch, it just feels so good!  Never Lose Touch with your spouse!