Managing Finances in Marriage

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Managing Finances in Marriage

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Marriage statistics show finances are the leading cause of divorceMarriage statistics show that financial difficulties are THE biggest cause of marital strife and divorce.  It is therefore necessary to take the subject of your family finances very serious, as it’s an important part of your relationship.

Unless you both are incredibly responsible, it is a good idea to designate one of the you as responsible for the household bookkeeping (whoever handles money more responsibly).  Have there be a constant awareness of where you ’re at financially and what the situation is.  The absolute most important thing is openly and freely discussing finances.

Don’t hide purchases or debt and practice complete transparency.  Discussions and compromises will have to take place when it comes to finances, but as long as everything is happening fairly and in the open, everything should be okay!  A really good thing to strive for is to reduce or eliminate debt as much as possible.

Finances are a huge stress on your relationship and marriage statistics show that debt is the biggest financial stress of them all.  Getting debt under control and on track is of huge value to a successful marriage.  Make sure you’re both aware of the reality of the situation and that neither of you try to live beyond your means.

Consider speaking with a financial advisor if things are shaky.  Getting your finances under control will help your marriage stay strong and relationship united.  Always be open with each other and remember that you are a team and you will find the success you ’re looking for!