Want a stronger marriage?

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Want a stronger marriage?

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Check in with your Spouse to Build a Stronger Marriage

One of the best ways that you can really make a stronger marriage than ever is by having designated ‘check-in’ conversations with your spouse.

Make sure to put certain topics off-limits – you already probably talk enough about work, kids, your busy schedules.

This is a conversation where you talk about your relationship and each other, and make sure to give your marriage the focus that it needs.

Ideally you want to have these check-ins as often as possible, maybe a couple times a week.  Losing touch can be harmful for a marriage, so keeping a strong line of communication is very important.

If it’s been a while since your last check-in bring it up and get on it.  If either of you have been avoiding a check-in there is a good chance that now is the time when you need one most!

Make sure these aren’t treated like a chore.  This shouldn’t be a forced confessional kind of environment.  To build a stronger marriage you both need to be open and honest with each other.

Build a Stronger Marriage by checking in with your spouseRemember to have fun with one another and spend some time recapping moments with each other that made you fall in love all over again.

Discuss concerns or insecurities you have as well, but don’t have the check-in be so heavy that you won’t want to ever actually have one.

Again, make sure to keep stressful topics like work off limits when you are talking.

Your marriage is a wonderful thing but upkeep is required.  Make sure you’re checking in with one another and your marriage will stay strong and healthy.