Kids Change Marriage

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Kids Change Marriage

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Having kids is a wonderful thing.  But know that life is going to change at your home.  The fact is that kids change marriage.  There is no way around it.

Here are four ways that kids change marriage:

1.  Household chores double in number – When you add another person to the mix (even if they are a tiny human) the chores will double up.  Laundry has to be done before it stinks up the house, the sanitation of the home becomes a priority, and when the kids start moving on their own, you will have to keep things picked up to remove choking and breaking hazards.

2.  You learn the art of negotiation – You will find that once you have kids, you use different things as bartering chips.  For example, you will trade diaper duty for something you really want or maybe doing laundry will be the token.  Whatever you use, make it fun for the two of you and keep it as a form of communication; this will keep you close and allow you to also get something you want out of the deal.

3.  Time for yourselves may be minimal – Taking care of a new baby is a twenty-four hour job with few breaks in between.  This does not leave much time for you and your spouse to be alone together.  However, you can make time for each other (i.e. hire a babysitter) and make your baby time your time as well.  Just do not let your marriage take a backseat to the kids.

4.  Compromise will be a must – Especially if you find that you have slightly different parenting styles, you will need to engage in the art of compromise.  To successfully raise your kids and keep your marriage happy, you will have to be on the same page and doing things together.

Yes, these changes are inevitable.  However, your attitude and the way you handle these changes can make a difference in how your relationship grows and brings you closer to each other and to your kids.