Spruce Up a Long Term Marriage

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Spruce Up a Long Term Marriage

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One of the problems many couples in a long term marriage have is being bored with each other.  It can simply be too easy to get involved in individual activities that may not include the other person.  This is one of the fastest ways for any couple to want to end the marriage.

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Keep it Interesting in a Long Term Marriage

Knowing specific ways to help keep your long term marriage more interesting can be ideal for any couple.  Here are 3 tips for keeping you marriage interesting:


One of the first things you will want to do as a married couple is to talk.  Take the time to talk about your day and the good and bad things that may have occurred in it.

This can allow you to have a great deal of things to discuss at any time during your marriage.

Have More Sex

When it comes to being able to keep the love alive, you will want to have sex on a frequent basis.  This may allow you to feel better connected with each other and is a sure way for you to enjoy each other’s body more.  Aim to have sex at least two or three times a week regardless of how busy you may be.

Dine Out

Taking the time to go out to eat together is sure to be beneficial in any relationship.  This will give you something to do and can make you feel closer to each other, as well.

Doing the right things rather than the wrong ones in your marriage is sure to help it last much longer.

Check out the video below to learn more tips on how to stay happier married.