Who to talk to about Marriage problems

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Who to talk to about Marriage problems

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Often when people have marriage problems they turn to family or friends to complain about the problems they are having.  This is not a good practice, however.

Things you talk to an outside party about may reveal information that your spouse is not comfortable with others knowing, making your venting a breach of trust.

On top of that, even after the issues are resolved, you will have altered the way that your family or friends see your partner and may have caused harm to their relationship.

When you and your spouse are having issues, you should be up front in discussing the issues with each other.

You have the problems in your relationship and so it should be worked out through your relationship.

If it’s impossible to do so, you should seek either couples or individual counselling.  It’s disrespectful to your marriage to do otherwise.

So keep on working on your relationship issues and things will get better.  Your marriage will ultimately be stronger for it.